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  • Developer: Sega of Japan
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Watch Taz's dust as he whirls through the Tasmanian Outback, taking on whirling waterspouts, slick ice, quicksand, and subterranean tunnels. A voracious appetite and an explosive temper make Taz a force to be reckoned with. Snacks like chili peppers let him breathe fire, and make it hot for his enemies. And the hungrier Taz is, the more explosive he gets in this fast blast adventure.

The game recreates the Warner Brothers style of animation with music and graphics inspired by the original TV hit. Taz comes up against the same eccentric villains he does on his TV show, including Francis X. Bushlad, Bull Gator and Axl, and the Bush Rats. True to form, Taz holds up comic signs like "Ouch!" and "Uh-oh!" when he's in trouble. If you like your adventure games with a dose of hilarity, you'll appreciate Taz's uproarious antics.

Taz-Mania, the Warner Brothers cartoon superstar, is venturing into new territory-the world of Genesis video games, in an all new action/adventure title that's sure to tickle your funny bone. Help Taz (a Tasmanian Devil, of course) find the elusive Tasmanian Seabird egg so he can feed his family. This hilarious journey will take you through scorching deserts, an abandoned mine, and a toy factory that produces toys of destruction.

The voracious and foul-tempered Taz is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Given half a chance, he will devour everything in sight, even if it is likely to result in serious indigestion or worse. But sometimes his dining habits can help him out of tight spots, such as when he eats those red-hot chili peppers and breathes fire on his enemies. Taz has a lot more tricks up his sleeve (or whatever...). Here are six pages of maps and hints for everyone's favorite cantankerous old devil.

  • TIP: If you have to jump a great distance, try this trick. First, get a running start, then jump at the last possible moment, in the middle of the jump, start spinning and you'll fly across most obstacles. This works especially at the end of the first level- jump on the first geyser then jump and spin your way to the exit!

  • TIP: Ugh! Me should'a ducked that time!

  • TIP: Throughout this entire level there are levers that you can pull in order to continue on without taking any damage. Here are the maps to the first two switches. Hope they help.

  • TIP: Here's where the second switch is. But, when you get there, there's a choice- should you throw the one on the left or the one on the right? Okay give up yet? It's the one on the right.

  • TIP: In the mine, be sure to pay attention to the signs when they tell you to go up or down. If not, you'll get squashed. When you have to make a jump, speed up if the light is green, slow down if the light is yellow.

  • TIP: Throughout this level, you can either jump from island to island or catch a ride on a floating log. But, be careful, Taz can't swim at all.

  • TIP: On the islands, there are all kinds of good and bad things for Taz to eat-especially his own framed portrait. And as usual, there's always something out to get him, so watch out for the Taz-eating plants.

  • TIP: At this place, the distance between islands is too great to just catch a log and float downriver before.

  • TIP: At some spots, it's too far for Taz to jump along the river. Here, you'll have to ride a log. But, guess what! As soon as you land, the log starts to sink. So, start looking for a place to jump to as soon as you land.

  • TIP: At this level, you're almost to the island where the Tasmanian Seabird lives. But first you'll have to make it to the Firebreathing Temple's inner chamber. There you'll meet a statue of none other than-guess who. Yes, Taz himself. Hint: when you meet a difficult character like Taz- spin, spin, spin. Also, watch out for natives, statues that breathe fire, and bats.

You'll probably need to eat something along the way too. But, this level is really hot in more ways than one. So, watch out what you eat. Even though that'll be pretty difficult with a voracious, eat any and everything in sight, Taz.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

If you've watched Warner Bros' Taz-Mania cartoon, then you have to play the game too. I did it a lot of time ago, in the 90s, on my Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, and I simply loved it. Taz-Mania was always one of my favorite cartoon characters and aiming at a Giant Bird's eggs for a big omlet was fun. We didn't know where to head, so the five levels were an adventure. We picked up stars for invincibility, chicken for a bit of health and searched for as many extra lives as possible. The game was unfortunately short, but nonetheless a lot of fun.

posted by Epic Moreno

Taz...hmmm. I was skeptical, but I liked it; I thought it looked damn good. Real clean graphics and smooth animation. It's also a lot of fun transforming into a tornado and disintegrating all your enemies - plus you get to go real fast!

So anyway, this is the plot: Taz has been kidnapped by Marvin the Martian and thrown into a zoo on Mars. But Taz busts a move and busts out. Now he's facing a lot of enemies on his way home to earth.

Some of the enemies are just dumb. What are those birds doing in this game? I hate them. Fortunately, there are cameos by other Warner Bros, cartoon stars you'll recognize.

So maybe this isn't Sonic the Hedgehog. But who cares? It's another pretty fun platform game; worth a rent.


Graphics are excellent. The backgrounds are very simple and clean: kinda cartoony bet not intrusive.


The soundtrack is nothing to get excited about; it does the job. There's nothing annoying about the music, and the sound effects are fine - bleh!


The control is good. Like I said, you can go really last as a tornado. And you can even bounce all walls while you're spinning.


Even though Taz in Escape From Mars is a fun game, I just can't see myself playing it day after day. It's definitely worth checking out though; a good bet for tans of Sega's first Taz-Mania game, cause it's more of the same.

posted by Diego Barros

Faster than a whirling dervish, able to bounce up tall chimneys in a single bound—it's not a bird, and not a plane—it's the world's favorite Tasmanian devil in his triumphant return to the Genesis! TAZ in Escape from Mars from Sega is four times the size of the original, weighing in at a whopping 16 megs. With scads of new tricks, bunches of cameos by old Warner Bros, friends, and a stack of the coolest levels this side of Mars, this one-player cart is gonna spin your doors off. Enjoy the early look..we'll give you full coverage in a coming issue.

(Burp) Excuse!

Marvin the Martian is completing his very own personal zoo and has one empty exhibit. Checking out his book of rare earthlings, he sees that a Tasmanian devil would fit the bill and goes out to capture one.

For those who loved the first TAZ-Mania game, there'll be a few familiar things to do. TAZ still has an asbestos-lined gullet and gulps Chili Peppers with abandon (though they do cause a little heartburn). He still whirls to take out his enemies and gets a bit grouchy when made to wait.

So what's new? WelL.there're more than 300 frames of animation forTAZ alone. You can get really BIG by walking through a Grow Ray. Go for a tiny TAZ by hitting the Shrink Ray. Spin TAZ to helicopter around. A whirling TAZ can do loops and even spend some spintime upside-down. Get the toothsome wonder to whirl in dirt, and he bores through like a drill bit.

Great Gadgets!

Find the Shrink Ray ta get a tiny TAZ through the smaller corridors.

The Grow Ray creates a titanic TAZ. Knuckle dragging at its best.

Collect this equipment and bring TAZ up to full whirl — he's a TAZ-coptar!

TAZ In Escape From Mars On Sega Game Gear!

Not to be outdone by the 16-bit version, TAZ in Escape from Mars for the Game Gear offers the same great play in portable form. TAZ ricochets off walls, burrows through the ground, and speeds around using his famous Tornado Spin. This one-player to-go version has the same great story line as the Genesis and features amazing Action hijinks. And cameos by other great Looney Tunes characters? Dam right. Here are a couple of sneak screens to get you up to spin early.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Taz-Mania supports single modeSingle game mode

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