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Marvin the Martian is bored. He needs a new addition to his inter-galactic Zoo. Any guesses who the new addition is? That's right, that furry little fuzzball is back, and he no longer fights for Tazmania. Now he's trying to find his way home. Taz has a few new weapons to eat and the animations are superb. This game is not for the weak-willed, however. It's one harsh trip back to Earth, and you're along for the ride!

Manufacturer: SEGA

№ of players: 1

Difficulty: HARD


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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: Taz In Escape From  Mars supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Reviews


Bigger, better, faster, and definitely more Looney Tunes — it's TAZ in Escape from Mars for the Genesis from Sega. Our carnivorous brown-pelted hero kicks out the stops in this one-player spin-fest. TAZ does tons of new stuff, from spitting rocks to drilling through dirt. At twice the speed of the previous TAZ title, this new cart even has our favorite devil doing his Tornado upside-down. With tons of great cameos from your favorite Warner Bros, characters and game play that's a blast, you just can't lose.

Taz Devil-Napped

Marvin the Martian has made the mistake of the century—thinking he could keep TAZ in a cage. Not only are you gonna break TAZ out, but you're also gonna make Marvin wish he'd never watered his Instant Martian pellets. You'll blast through cage walls, ricochet up the narrow areas between cages, and use transporters to zap to new areas. After making mincemeat out of Marvin the Martian's Zoo, you'll power through another 20-plus stages of fun and havoc.

One of the greatest things about TAZ in Escape from Mars is the number of power-ups. Among the great new devices: Grow Rays that make TAZ titanic, Shrink Rays to give you an itty-bitty TAZ, and a contraption that turns TAZ into a Doppelganger (now you get two TAZes) so that he can reach new areas. How about scads of great new items? Collect the Box O' Rocks (TAZ eat), and he'll spit rocks at his enemies. Gulp the Shrink Potion to get through narrow passages. Collect the right equipment, and you can turn His Toothsomeness into a TAZ-copter. Pick up the Gas Can (TAZ eat), and you'll be blowing flames at your enemies. Snag the Medical Kt (TAZ eat), and you up your life bar. This new TAZ game has it all—Action, Adventure, things to find, wild bosses, and best of all.. .no princess to save. Yee-haw!

Hot Hints:

  1. Keep moving on the Wagon Train.
  2. Always ricochet upward when you have the chance.
  3. Have TAZ hunt for hidden areas.
  4. If you get a power-up like the Box O' Rocks or the Gas Can, use it sparingly.
  5. When playing drill bit, watch for enemies in the dirt

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