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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


In the last issue, Sega Visions broke the news on Sonic 3, the best Sonic ever to spin-attack your Genesis. Now we're bringing you more on this international best-seller. More on -the levels: more hints and tips on beating the acts... more maps...more bosses...and more on Knuckles the Echidna.

Sonic mania is taking the world by storm. If you aren't yet caught up in the spinning blue frenzy, now is your opportunity to get in on the fun. You know the story. Doc Robotnik has crashed his flying death egg on the Floating Island. He's convinced the Island's local resident, a burrowing beastie named Knuckles, an Echidna (E-kid-na), to give him the Island's Chaos Emeralds so he can be on his rotund, evil way. He's managed to convince Knuckles that Tails and Sonic are the bad eggs. Sonic and Tails are trying to stop the Doc. And the Doc and Knuckles are trying to shut down Sonic and company

Sonic 3 is the biggest Sonic Genesis adventure to date, with tons of new features. You can now save your game in one of six save spaces. You can play as Sonic, Tails, or the pair in one-player games, and as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles in two-player mode. One-player games have two types of Special Stages and a lot of all-new power-ups. The two-player mode has three types of real-time speed games in five new zones. If you like your fun moving at the speed of sound, Sonic 3 is for you.

Casino Night Zone

Act 1

This curly pipe will spin you around faster than you can say Sonic!

Jump off Casino Night spinning wheels to reach higher places.

Every play a game like this? The Bad Egg must have. He wants to break you out through a hole in the blocks.

A crafty Sonic or Tails can jump on the spinning, spiked top and ride it above the main unit. Bounce off its dome to get it to open. Then let the spiked top hit it. Keep going, and it's on to Act 2!

Act 2

Knuckles is at it again. Though he doesn't drop you down a level, he will mahe things wet real soon.

If you are running out of air, pop a balloon for a quick breath.

You don't have much control when you hit the bumper halls.

Knuckles is about to send Sonic on a one-way trip to Doc Robotnik.

You can move some barrels by pushing Up and Down on the D-Button.

Hydrocity Zone

Act 1

Stand in the right place, and you'll be revved up without being spun up.

Act 2

Act 2 features some awesome loops and chutes.

That annoying Echidna seems to like dropping you into the drink.

Robotnik wants to give you the big splash with depth charges.

Marble Garden Zone

Act 1

Spin up against the blue and yellow half-domes to raise hidden steps.

This Robotnik creation is designed to drill holes in hedgehogs and flying foxes alike. With Tails giving you a hand, drop in on .

Aaahhh! Spinning tops can take you many places, but they can be very tricky to control.

Act 2

These Marble Garden masks have a nasty way of spitting arrows. Bop the red jewel in the mask's forehead to open new ground.

Grab this ring for a ride that's more fun than a ski tow rope.

The Fire Shield makes moving around in the Marble Garden Zone a lot easier. Press a button to jump, then press it again to do the Fireball Spindash.

Hot Hints


  1. Press any button while you are jumping to generate an Insta-shield. This could save your Rings.
  2. Play as Tails solo if you want a slightly easier game.
  3. In a one-player Sonic and Tails game, you can manipulate Tails with the second control pad. He can lift Sonic to higher places.
  4. The Lightning Shield can make Sonic jump higher. The Flame Shield can make him do an aerial Fireball Spindash.
  5. You are less likely to lose Rings when you are spinning than when you are simply running.
  6. Robotnik's weak spots are generally either straight above or directly underneath his eggsasperating contraptions.
  7. In the Special Stages, touching starred spheres bounces you backward.
  8. Don't pick up Robotnik power-ups unless you want to lose your Rings.

Ice Cap Zone

Act 1

The Ice Cap Zone is cold and fast. Starting with a terrific snowboard entry by Sonic, you must venture deep beneath the Floating Island^ frozen zones. Dangers here include penguinators and Ming stalactites. If you don't touch Sonic while he's snowboarding, he collects 40 Rings...putting you in good shape to get 60 more for an extra life.

posted by Maksym Kamiński


We've shown you the ins and outs of Sega's Sonic 3 for the Genesis. We've given you tips, maps, and hints on dealing with Knuckles the Echidna. If you've taken all our advice to heart, you must be pretty awesome at this game. Now see if you're good enough to become Super Sonic.

24-Karat Sonic

First things first. Who is Super Sonic? A nearly unconquerable hedgehog with a seriously protective coat. To become the golden wonder, collect all seven Emeralds and 50 rings. (We said you had to be good.) Then jump in the air and tap any button once. Voil instant invincibility and a suit of gold!

Have a blast. Collide with cannons, spring onto spikes, and fly through piranhas, all without repercussion. But make good use of your powers. You can pick up rings and points a lot faster when you don't have to worry about getting zapped. Your golden armor comes in especially handy against Robotnik himself.

Of course, Super Sonic still faces some challenges. Like his blue buddy, he must time his underwater adventures carefully, and he must avoid getting squished by moving platforms. And Super Sonic reverts to his blue state when his ring count reaches zero, so keep collecting more at breakneck speed. With your incredible resistance to damage, you want to stay golden as long as you can!

Super Sonic Tricks:

  1. Collecting rings at double speed, since he doesn't need to worry about running over spikes or into enemies.
  2. Destroying Robotnik contraptions in two seconds.
  3. Racking up megapoints by going after any and every enemy.
  4. Glowing in the dark
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Are the windows shaking? Feel the floor starting to tremble? Hear the roar? It's not the Stealth Bomber. And don't expect a B-52. It's Sonic, and he's zooming your way in an all-new Sonic adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 from Sega. If you're a fan of the spiny blue hedgehog with an attitude, expect all the game play you've come to love plus new characters, new moves, new lands and new evil machines from the original bad egg, Dr. Robotnik.

This time, the Doc has crash landed on the Floating Island. He needs a set of seven Chaos Emeralds to repair his ship and be on his evil way. To get the Emeralds, he's enlisted the help of the island's resident and the newest member of the Sonic family, Knuckles the Echidna.

The most user-friendly Sonic ever, Sonic 3 has six huge zones, each composed of two acts, with Special Stages, Bonus Rounds and a new set of options. Now you can save your games in one of six save spaces. In the one-player mode you have the choice of playing as Sonic and Tails, Sonic-alone or Tails alone. The Sonic-alone game is the toughest. Tails solo is a little easier. The Sonic and Tails mode is challenging, but falls in the range where most Sonic players like to be. The two-player, head-to-head competition mode offers players the choice of playing as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. There are three different Competitive modes and five Competitive zones. Sonic fans will appreciate the fact that the Competitive zones are in real time and totally distortion free!

The Faces of Sonic

Sega has added new animations and situations to bring you a hedgehog with even more attitude.


Our favorite fox has his own role in Sonic 3, and a few new moves of his own.


Who is Knuckles? The newest character in the Sonic Series. Knuckles is an Echidna, a burrowing beastie from the land daown under. He has large, tough knuckles (hence, his name) which he uses to cruise through the ground.

Bonus Stages

Get 50 Rings and find a Star Post. If you jump through the ring of stars that appears when you touch the post, you will enter the Bonus Stage gumball machine. Grab gumballs for all sorts of awesome power-ups.

Two Player Competition Mode

The Two Player Competitive modes give you the opportunity to take on a friend head-to-head in two in five all new zones. Game play takes place in real-time split screens, scaled so there is no distortion. The levels look great and move like lightning.


Power-ups? Does this game have power-ups! Shields protea you from one hit and gives you some special abilities as well.

Special Stages

Find a real big Ring and try to grab it. You'll find yourself on a checkered globe, surrounded by red, blue and starred spheres. The object of the Special Stage is to get every blue sphere in the round. Starred white spheres bounce you backwards. You'll continue backwards until you push Up on the D-Pad. Hit a red sphere and you're history.

Hot hints:

  1. When playing the Sonic and Tails game in the one-player mode, a friend can give you a hand with Tails by plugging in a second control pad.
  2. Get 100 Rings for an extra life.
  3. You can generate an Insta-Shield by quickly pressing Button A, B or C twice. It only lasts for a split-second. but could protect you from losing your rings.
  4. Look for the 1-Up in Act One of Angel Island. It's halfway up the trunk on the large tree.
  5. You must get all the blue spheres in the Special Stage to get a Chaos Emerald. You'll also earn a Continue.
  6. You need 50 Rings when you hit the Star Post to get into the Gum-ball Machine.
  7. Get 50 Rings in the Special Stage and you get an extra life.
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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Sonic The Hedgehog 3 supports single modeSingle game mode

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