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PC compatible,

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Super Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview

People say:


This is just more of the same fighting game to me. But on the other hand, compared to the other Genesis version, this one controls twice as well. The new characters are pretty good, and the graphics are okay. They're just a bit dithered. The audio suffers from the Genesis limitations. If you want another Street Fighter II, fine, but don't expect too many new ideas. How's about a Street Fighter III?


Although Super SF2 looks and plays identical to the Super NES version, I must give it a lower score due to "the flaw." Of course this could only mean the voices. Yeesh! What happened here? Laryngitis strikes again. Other than that, you're buying another SF2 for four new characters and a couple of new moves. You just might enjoy this game with the volume turned way down, but it's more of the same.


Another year, another Street Fighter. I've heard this song before! Hopefully it will be the last time. The four new characters are a great addition, but are they enough reason to go buy the game? Yes, there are new moves for the other fighters, but there aren't enough to make it any different. Although the graphics are a good match to the arcade, the sound really takes a dive. It's better to turn down the volume.


You have to face the facts that Street Fighter II is the best playing fighting cart. However, the constant upgrading is getting a bit tired. The four new characters are a definite plus but it's hard to say if it's worth the cost, especially with Super Turbo not far off. SF fans will want to get the latest edition. It is an excellent port from the arcade with good graphics and sounds. The choice is yours to upgrade or not.


Directly on the heels of the arcade smash hit comes Super Street Fighter II for the Genesis from Capcom. At 40 megs, this new addition to the Street Fighter saga is the biggest fighting title ever to land on the Genesis. Look for new moves — from Ken's Flaming Dragon Punch to Ryu's Stun Fireball. New characters — from T. Hawk to Cammy. And new backgrounds — from Jamaica to England. And it has features that won't see the light of day on the SNES.

Genesis Beats SNES Hands Down

So what does the Genesis version of Super Street Fighter II have that the Nintendon't?

It Have:

  1. How about five degrees of game speed (the SNES has only four)?
  2. The Genesis has Normal mode plus an Expert mode that lets you fight all 16 warriors (the arcade, the SNES, and the Normal mode put you up against only 12).
  3. The Genesis has a Score Challenge mode that lets players compete to see how many points they can rack up in a 30-second round.
  4. Only the Genesis lets you test your combat technique in a new Point Match in which the speed of each of the victories determines the winner on points.
  5. The Genesis version has 40 megs. The SNES has only 32.

Players can expect demo and ending Sequences that are very close to the arcade version (except that you won't have to feed the coin snatcher to beat the game and see the endings). Stay tuned to Sega Visions for more feature coverage of this fantastic fist-and-feet fighting frenzy.

Head to Head With The New Challengers


  1. 40 megs of game. The SNES limps in with only 32 megs.
  2. Five degrees of game speed (the SNES has only four).
  3. Ability to battle any warrior in any background.
  4. Five game modes: Super Mode, Versus Mode, Group Mode, Tournament Mode, Challenge Mode
  5. Eight possible clothing color combinations in head-to-head matches.


Super Street Fighter II is blasting Genesis units coast to coast with 40 megs of powerful features you won't see on the SNES. Last issue Sega Visions gave you the word on the hottest Street Fighter yet. Now we're blowing the lid on the new challengers, their hot moves, and some phenomenal combination attacks. This latest release in the Street Fighter series is giving you — or you and a friend in a two-player match — new characters and more modes than ever before. The old, familiar characters have been smoothed out and are even faster. You'll see some new moves in their bag o' tricks as well! We've followed this hot Fighting title from its early days in the arcades, and gotta tell ya: This is the hottest version to date. Call it the game that kicked Nintendo's butt. When it comes to street fighting, there is no other contender.

Fei Long

Rehha Ken

Press Down, Down/Toward and Toward with any punch button. You can throw this move three times in a row lor major damage.

Hurricane Kick

Charge Away for two seconds, then press Toward and Roundhouse kick.

Rising Dragon Kick

Press Away, Down, and Down/Away in a single motion and any kick button.

Fei Longs Hei Lo Comhination

Attack with a leaping Strong punch. Land and crouch with a Fierce punch. End with a crouching Roundhouse kick.

Thunder Hawk

The Hawk

Leap Toward your opponent. While in the air, press all three punch buttons simultaneously.

The Storm Hammer

Press the D-Pad in a 360-degree rotation with any punch button. This one can be tricky to throw.


Press Toward, Down, and Down/ Toward with any punch button.

The Kicking Bird Combo

Simple but devastating. Leap in with a Fierce kick to the head. Land and deliver a Roundhouse sweep.


Front Kick

Press Forward, Down, Down/Toward and any kick button.

Spinning Knuckle

Press Away, Down/Away, and Toward with any punch button.

Cannon Drill

Press Down, Down/Toward, Toward and any kick button.

Cammy's Three Hits of Doom

Attack with a jumping Fierce punch. Land with a crouching Fierce punch and finish with a crouching Roundhouse.

Dee Jay

Hyper Fist

Press Down lor two seconds, then press Up and simultaneously press any punch button repeatedly.

Max out

Press Away for two seconds, then press Toward and any punch button simultaneously.

Double Dread Kich

Press Away for two seconds, then press Toward and any kick button simultaneously.

The Dread Combo

Jump in with a Fierce punch. Land with a Strong punch/Fierce punch and finish with a killer slide.


Undoubtedly the most popular good guy in the World Warriors Tournament, Ryu is a lifelong master of Shotokan karate. He seeks only to perfect himself in the spirit of karate. Ryu's Red Stun Fireball is the perfect precursor to any number of combinations.

Red stun Fireball

Press Away, Down/Away, Down, Down/Toward and Toward in one smooth motion with any punch button.


Once the reigning King of the Street Fighters, Sagat fell to Ryu's skill and plans to regain his title at any cost. He trains near the temples of Thailand. Along with M. Bison, he is the most well rounded of the World Warriors. His Tiger Knee and Tiger Uppercut are power ful attack techniques.

Tiger Uppercut

Press Toward, Down, and DownI Toward with any punch button. This move is particularly effective when you can catch your opponent in the air.

M. Bison

Who doesn't know M. Bison, the ultimate evil villain? He heads the mysterious, deadly Shadowlaw organization and has wreaked havoc with the lives of most of the World Warriors. What he knows about Cammy, she may not want to find out! His Flying Psycho Fist is very, very nasty.

Flying Psycho Fist

Charge Down tor two seconds, then press Up and any punch button.

Edmond Honda

Known as E. Honda to the fighting world. Does anyone know why his mother named him Edmond? The reigning Japanese master of sumo, Honda stepped out of the arena and into the street fighting ring to prove to the world that sumo is a truly majestic sport.

Sumo Splash

Charge Down for two seconds, then press Up and any kick button.

Chun Li

There ain't no woman warrior like Chun Li! One of the most athletic World Warriors, Chun Li hails from China and is in the Tournament to discover who murdered her father. Her new power moves are the High Side Kick and the Kioken Fireball.

High Side Kick

Stand close and Fierce kick when your opponent is jumping.

Kioken Fireball

Charge Away for two seconds, then press Toward and any punch button.


Balrog is a Shadowlaw crony with a wild, aggressive boxing style. He's picked up a few new moves along the way, making him a better contender for the World Warriors title.

Shoulder Butt

Charge Down for two seconds, then press Up and any punch button.

Trip Punch

Charge Away for two seconds, then Toward and Jab punch.

Street Fighter...The Movie

That's right. Your favorite Street Fighter characters are coming to life on the silver screen. The casting battles have been fast and furious to find the right stars for the parts. Heading the crew will be kickmeister Jean Claude Van Damme as Colonel Guile (betcha didn't know his rank!). Raul Julia (from the Addams Family movies) as M. Bison, and Wes Studi (Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans) as Sagat. While the full details of the movie are currently top-secret, you can bet that the plot will be thick with the cool battle action that has made the cart series so great. The big question is, will Chun Li be able to throw a fireball...


Zangief is a big, good-natured Russian who wrestles bears for fun. He's totally fearless, he doesn't mind walking into a punch, and he's into big power moves. Zangief entered the World Warriors Tournament because he thought pile-driving the best fighters in the world would

Siberian Suplex

Press the D-Pad 360 degrees and any kick button as you finish the rotation. You have to do this one quickly or Zangief will not throw the move.

Siberian Bear Crusher

Press the D-Pad 360 degrees and any punch button as you finish the rotation. As with the Supiex, you have to do this one quickly, or Zangief will not complete the move.


Known as the Spanish Ninja, Vega combined the skills of a ninjutsu and matador to create a new fighting technique. He is vain and egotistical, hiding his pretty face behind a mask so it won't become scarred in battle.

Off The Wall Claw Dive

Charge Down for two seconds, then press Up and any kick button. While in the air over your opponent, press any punch button.

Off The Wall Claw Thrust

Charge Down for two seconds, then press Up and any punch button.


India is Dhalsim's home and the name of his game is yoga. Dhalsim seeks only to unify his mind, body, and spirit, and to test his skills so he can rise to a higher state of consciousness. Dhalsim gets the most benefit out of a graphically improved background and smoother animation. His moves are just as hot and just as slick.

Yoga Fire

Press Down, Down/Toward and Toward with any punch button.


If ego were money, Ken would be a millionaire. He let his fighting skills slip for awhile, but a challenge from Ryu got him on his feet and training hard. His Flaming Dragon Punch is the result.

Flaming Dragon Punch

Press Toward, Down, Down/Toward and the Hard punch button. Flame on!


He's a lean, mean, paramilitary fightin' machine. Guile is an ex-Special Forces commando who's joined the Tournament to avenge the death of his copilot on a mission in Thailand six years ago. M. Bison is involved somewhere, and even with your nose plugged you can smell a blood feud coming. Guile holds no new surprises. He's the same...smooth, strong, and reliable.

Flash Kick

Charge Down for two seconds, then press Up and any kick button. Boom!


Ever have your butt kicked by a rain forest? Let this electrical mutant from Brazil get the upper hand, and that's watt will happen. He learned his attacks from studying creatures of the jungle. He entered the Tournament to achieve greatness and to find the link to his mysterious beginnings. His Vertical Rolling Attack takes bowling to the air.

Vertical Rolling Attack

Charge Down for two seconds, then press Up and a kick button.

Hot Hints:

  1. You'll notice that moves tend to follow patterns from character to character. Memorize the patterns and you'll become a faster, more versatile player.
  2. Fast, single hit attacks are good set ups for multihit combinations.
  3. You get more points by scoring first hits and pulling off combinations than you do by flashy one-hit attacks. Remember - the object is to win.
  4. Catch your opponent by surprise by coming in high and finishing low, or vice-versa.

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