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  • Developer: Blue Sky Productions
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

Sega's latest hit mascot with a trashy element explodes onto the Genesis in his second title.

VectorMan returns once again to use his refuse-removing ability to eliminate the grime that has taken control of the planet he swore to protect with his blasters and ability to adapt to extraneous circumstances, the metallic garbage robot wages his private war against all who oppose his cleaning efforts.

Fans of the first VectorMan will notice the close-to-identical control and similar play to the original. Players can also expect new forms of morphs and new imaginative levels to take them where the first VectorMan dared to go. Right now the title features 22 separate levels in its preproduction stage. These levels will task our hero with wiping out nasties while free falling as well as rollerblading through the subways. Other levels will place the player in the depths of a swamp or in the fiery inferno of lava stages. There are also a handful of bonus levels for the adventurous to find and explore.

Enemies have been totally revamped over the ones in his first adventure. Like the first release, they are similar to the stages in which they are found. They have carried their challenge into this release bringing the player similar difficulty but in a new form of stages and event happenings. Most of the enemies in VectorMan 2 have an organic look and feel compared to the previous release where many of the enemies were mechanical.

The selling point for the first VectorMan was the multiple morphs that were strategically stashed in the levels. These allowed you to temporarily use the added advantage to get past more difficult areas in the levels. The morphs in this second release bring new styles of transformations to the garbage droid unseen in the first version. Some of the power-ups include a Boxing Morph, Tornado Morph and a Rhinoceros Beetle Morph.

Many of these morphs are powerful weapons, killing enemies with one hit These special abilities are not without weakness, however. Certain morphs limit your character by not allowing any projectile attacks or by stopping Double Jumps or jumping all together, forcing your character to be earthbound at least for a little while. The most interesting item to note about these morphs is how they are acquired. They are not merely found in hidden places but are actually gained by defeating an enemy that they were derived from. Thus the Boxing Morph is gained from an oversized enemy who uses his fist to do his talking.

This second release by the poster robot for Save-The-Earth brings a spark of life back to Sega's 16-Bit market... a market that has all but been passed up by game developers the past few months in favor of the power of the Saturn. Without a doubt, VectorMan 2 is the best title soon to be on the shelves for the Genesis. Gamers refusing to let the Genesis go the way of the Master System need this title; it will keep the dust off the Genesis for at least a little while.

The cleaning robot with a mission will be returning to take out some more trash this year. Little is known about the title, whether it has been improved or if it is just a continuation of the original. At this time, it is suspected to contain more levels and additional morphing power-ups to keep the interest of players.

People say:


There's nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned side-scroll er--especially on the Genesis. VectorMan 2 is like the first-good. The "rendered" really make the Genesis seem like a more sophisticated machine. The rotating segments of VectorMan, the parallax backgrounds and all of the action going on In each level makes you realize what 'Blast Processing' is ail about (chuckle, chuckle). The different morphs VM can become are cool-looking and helps keep the game fresh for repeat plays. The levels are very big, too, allowing VM to continue to the left or right and up or down. Excellent Boss characters.


Arguably, VectorMan 2 can be called the best platform game on the Genesis. It's always been a fact that the best games for a system come out near the end of the system's reign. VectorMan 2 Is fun and beats the balls (get it?) off of any of Its competition. The animation Is cool-wait until you see the two-headed snake Boss Hie game Is not perfect, though. The levels are way dark. I also thought that the game was rather difficult, even on the easy setting, but this Is In part due to my rushing around the level, hyping lo school everything that gets In my way. Skip all the licensed, platform games out there and get VectorMan 2.


No surprises here, V2 Is just a solid side-scrolling platform game that will keep players busy for a few weekends. Its levels-which Include above and below-ground areas--are huge and allow for a lot of exploration. Although the graphics are rarely outstanding, they're always decent (and often very dark, as well). Boss monsters look especially good. Many are so huge they fill the screen. In lad, most of the game's enemies look pretty cool What really all's attention to this title, though, is Its soundtrack, a booming techno-beat that sounds nothing like the static-ridden music pumped out by most Genesis games.


VectorMan Is a half-decent second mascot His first title gave players a great fast-moving action title with giant levels and all the elements to make It able to be played over and over again. This second release, on the contrary, Is a great attempt, but something Just seems to be missing. I feel this missing link is the size of the levels. VI had giant levels that challenged many players just to find the end before time ran out for the character. The levels In V2 on the other hand are shorter Ilion expected. Hopefully they will be lengthened before final release so this way the second version will at least uphold the fame of the first.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Vectorman 2 supports single modeSingle game mode

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