• Developer: Acclaim, Probe Software
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


So, you want to shave your head and play hero? Now's the time, cause those slimy, acid-blooded Aliens are up to their nasty breeding tricks again in Alien 3 for the Genesis.

Step into the combat fatigues of the ever cool Ellen Ripley and head off into space for some fun and adventure. Your Marine Warship's escape pod has crash landed on Fiorina, a mining colony turned prison. You are the sole survivor of the crash - you and the Queen Alien, that is. And she's not wasting any time looking for people to act as incubators for her next crop of double-jawed children.

Bug Out!

You are armed with a standard issue combat rifle/grenade launcher. Scattered throughout the prison are hand grenades, flame throwers and ammo for all your weapons. Med packs restore your life meter. A scanner can show you the locations of the aliens and the prisoners, but you have to find the batteries first. Time, battery power and ammunition are all limited, so you must use your resourses wisely if you want to survive.

You get bonus points for the time you have left in Mission rounds, so move fast. Try blasting away with your grenade launcher as you run, keeping an eye on your scope. In stairways you can fire up or down. Extermination stages, on the other hand, are your basic Alien-blasting free-for-alls. But watch out for the face hug-gers: they can turn your face into a permanent mud-pack.

The Queen has laid a pile of eggs deep in the bowels of the mining machinery Find them and go to town with the flame throw. Then be ready for the walls to come down, for the Queen is not going to be happy. After all, you and the Queen Alien have been at it before, and this time she's not going to let you win.

Losing is definitely a traumatic experience — you get to see the prisoners you missed give birth to a bouncing alien baby Nasty!

Alien 3 grabs gamers with the same intensity that the hit film of the same name grabbed audiences. Ripley's on a self-appointed seek and destroy out and rescue the prisoners taken captive by the aliens and destroy as many aliens as possible in the process.

This game is chock-full of the most a-maze-ing areas you'll ever navigate on the Game Gear. To lixate the prisoners, you have to run the many passages, tunnels and ladders to the other levels. You're not totally in the dark, though. Access the Raclar Screen by pressing the Down and 2 Buttons to pinpoint the prisoners. Enroute, you may discover that the easiest route to the captives is not always the shortest.

  • TIP: You'll find the first two hostages... and a medpack...straight down the ladder and to the left in Mission 1.

Alien 3 is packed with secret areas. Crawl blind into every darkened space with guns blasting. You've got what it takes to do it...and succeed. Your battles to release the prisoners and kill the pods of aliens are limited by timer, so move it!

Alien Blasting Arsenal

Your weapons are an alien blast. Your arsenal includes: the Machine Gun, a primitive but effective rapid-fire weapon; the Flame Thrower, a fairly nasty weapon that quick-fries those aliens to a crackly crunch; the Grenade Launcher, your most powerful weapon...but with this one, timing is key; and lastly, your most versatile weapon, the Hand Grenade. You can do lots of damage with the Hand Grenade: drop it down holes, toss it around corners and even pelt it into dark areas before entry. Each weapon has limited ammunition. You'll have to search for more if you run out. Alien 3 is a challenging adventure. The aliens who thought Ripley on the big screen was bad news haven't met you on the small screen!

  • TIP: You can't run from facehuggers. Shoot them on the run. You don't have time to stop and strategize.
  • TIP: The radar will spot off-screen enemies, giving you a second or two of warning before they attack.
  • TIP: Fall off the treadmill and you'll wind up in the refinery fires. Jump with the D-Button Left to make the ledge.
  • TIP: Force aliens into a corner by firing diagonally with the machine gun, then keep firing until they are toast!

In Alien3 the gamer (as Ripley) has access to computer terminals throughout the level. At these terminals you are allocated missions such as welding doors to keep out aliens, fixing power lines, and of course hunting aliens (or maybe be hunted-heh! heh!). This makes the cart have a very PC type feel to the gameplay, plus it makes you feel like you are right in on the action. Be forewarned, this is not an easy cart to finish, the levels are long and the action is fast and furious.

Alien3 is a helluva a lot of fun to play. It is time consuming and frustrating at times, but that is the games real appeal. The aliens in all their various forms look great and when you die you get to hear Bill Paxton from Aliens tell you "Game Over Man. Game Over." Don't forget, that to move to the next level, you must complete all missions.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-133

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:ALIEN 3 supports single modeSingle game mode

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