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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Saturn (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

The end of summer is upon us. The leaves are turning, and the mosquitoes are doing whatever they do around this time. Other bugs won't be making their appearances either-except, of course, for the sequel to Bug! on the Saturn, Bug Too!

Like many action side-strollers, Bug Too! involves a 'hero who needs to make it through level after level, but into to save a princess or I destroy an evil Boss. In Bug Too! the object is to gain popularity in Hollywood. After all. Bug is now a big star, and his agent needs to make sure he's seen in a lot of movies [that's what each of the levels is all about).

What's different about Bug Too! is that it's no simple 2-D jobs. Bug Too! is 2-D with a major twist. The game, like the first, goes into the third dimension at times-in fact, a lot of the time. And that's what makes Bug Too! a graphically interesting game with fun characters, but that's only one of the neat features of Bug Too!

Some of the other features that Bug Too! includes are many more camera views and camera movements. This way when Bug is running around behind walls and upside down in the side of a block, the gamer knows where he is at all times. On top of this. Bug now has a long-awaited Run button which the first one didn't have (quite annoying when an enemy was hot on your trail).

The enhanced graphics in Bug Too! can be attributed to a new graphics engine which makes the 3-D characters more realistic in appearance and movement. Check the Behind the Screens section for more info on this new engine and what it does exactly. Bug Too! also has special effects that include interactive backgrounds. Bug can jump on a roller-coaster car and blow chunks or jump in a river and go for a swim (as some of the pics show).

The new friends that Bug has met since his debut are also interesting. They are movie stars trying to get a break. Though they are strange in name and look, they are very cool characters (especially considering one of them sports elevator shoes and an afro-what more is needed?). The first edition is Maggot Dog. This disgusting but huggable pal is a dog and a maggot. The aforementioned character from the 70s is known as Super Fly. As the name suggests, Super Fly is a fly-go figure. Take a look at the sidebar for a picture of each. The game has a Two-player Mode where players can alternate and compete for high score.

Like the first Bug!, the sequel has plenty of 3-D modeled enemies to get in Bug's way. Some of these include mosquito-vampires, werewolf-spiders and Amazon ant women.

The game also has Boss characters. With names like Cheshire Cat (Boss of the Psychedelia Level) and King Louie (Boss of the Water Level), gamers know that there's something strange about these head honchos.

Bug Too! has bonus rounds that will remind gamers of the olden days. Some look too close to Q-bert not to be inspired by it. Others are simple hop-and-jump types. The goal of these rounds is to rack up points and collect gold trophies (these give Bug more money in his different "movies"). Besides this, the bonus areas are just fun to play through.

Fans of the first Bug! probably won't mind an extra insect buzzing around their Saturn even though the rest of the population is enjoying the weather and the peaceful, bug-free environment!



THEME - Action


People say:


Bug Too! has some things that are a lot of fun, but there are also some things that make the game very average. I'll start with the good points. The graphics look great both in detail and animation. The levels are big and look a lot different from one another. The interactive backgrounds (like the circus level) are pretty cool. The two new characters are a great addition. The drawback is that I just didn't have a lot of fun playing Bug Too! since it was really just an average side-scroller underneath the facade of pseudo 3-D. I found it difficult at times to see Bug! when he was behind a wall or obstacle. It's an average title overall.


What would happen if a Bandicoot bred with a Gex lizard? Bug Tool, that's what. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It is a 3-D platform game, like Sony's Crash Bandicoot, but with that touch of strange humor that made Gex so famous. So is Bug Too! Sega's answer to Crash and Mario? Almost. If you look beyond the three-dimensional levels, you realize that the graphics are not at the level that they should be. But they are not poor by any means either. So what you'll find is a very fun title that's easy to jump into. Sega should provide Bug Too! with a little bit more marketing hype, as it is well-deserved.


Although Bug Too! is no longer as innovative as its prequel (after all, 3-D side-scrollers have been done before), it's still a heck of a lot of fun. The game's graphic aren't much different from Bug!, except now each level offers more daunting obstacles and weirder enemies. Bug Too! also packs more personality than the original. Joining Bug in his new adventure are two new, playable insect pals, the afro-sporting Super Fly and Maggot Dog, who add charm to an already charming title. As in the first game, Bug controls nicely. He can even run now-an ability that's vital to getting past falling blocks and other deadly surprises.


Though not a holiday gotta-have, Bug Too! is a great addition to the side-scroller library. All owners of Bug! will want to pick up this sequel, but you should be aware of the cool new features. The best improvement over the original is the new characters. Super Fly is by far my favorite, though Bug himself is thoroughly amusing and versatile to play. Bugl Too is a good game to start with if you want to experience B-D action, but are afraid of complicated controls. As in the first game, Bug Too! has simple gameplay that anyone can pick up and master after a minute or two. The action may be a little slow for experienced gamers.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Bug Too! supports single modeSingle game mode

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