Command & Conquer

  • Developer: Virgin
  • Genre: Strategy/Wargame
  • Originally on: Saturn (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

What would you do with a PC game that sold over 1 million units worldwide? Besides the obvious answer (release a sequel), you'd probably want to bring it out on other platforms. And that's exactly what Westwood Studios did. Saturn (and PlayStation) owners are owing to be treated to one of the most popular PC strategy games of 1996. Now, console owners will be treated to some of the PC's best.

Command & Conquer is a present-day strategy war game whose engine is based on the classic game Dune II. Since most console owners are accustomed to action-oriented games, a real-time strategy game lends itself well to the market. Everything in C&C is moving and acting, without regards to what you are doing. Forget about taking your time during your "turn." This is action-strategy at its finest.

The setting for C&C takes place in a world where the key to power is control of crystals called Tiberium. A terrorist group called the Brotherhood of Nod controls about half of the world's supply of Tiberium and is quickly taking over the reigns of control of the world. To combat Nod. the United Nations formed a special operations group called the Global Defense Initiative (GDI).

In C&C, you can choose to play either as the "good guys"-the GDI or as the "bad guys"-the Brotherhood of Nod. Each group has its own completely separate set of missions, as each has its own goals in the world. The game will ship with two discs-one for each side.

After choosing the team you wish to play as, you will be briefed as to what your individual missions will be. These missions will all be different from one another. For example, the first GDI mission has you establishing a foothold on the enemy's beachfront. Kill all of the opposition, and you shall move on. Next, you are sent to help GDI forces who were ambushed in a Nod attack. When playing the Brotherhood, you may find yourself executing key political figures or running rescue missions to save your captured brothers-in-arms.

The parameters of every level is what truly sets each mission apart. In some stages, you will start with only a few soldiers. It is your responsibility to establish and defend a base from which you will build our army. In other missions, you will only have a set amount of troops, with no chance of creating more (although reinforcements may be sent your way). You will have to complete your objective(s) with only the units and supplies given to you.

In those missions where you are allowed to build a base, you'll usually start with a Mobile Construction Yard. This vehicle transforms into your starting base, from which other structures and units can be formed. Eventually, you'll be able to create barracks, guard towers, weapons factories, power plants. SAM sites and more. These buildings can help you defend your base, produce offensive soldiers and craft (see sidebars), provide power, etc. You'll be allowed to build a Tiberium refinery, which will let you collect and process Tiberium crystals (which in turn brings you your only source of income).

The game becomes fast and furious as you are forced to make quick decisions during the heat of battle. Will you pour out offensive unit after unit for a quick and decisive victory? Will you spend valuable resources to defend your base? Will you rush out to gather the remaining supply of Tiberium, before your foe does? Will you take your time and build a powerful base? Don't ponder too long, for the enemy will always be preparing for your defeat, whether you're ready or not

Command & Conquer is making its next strategic move to the Sega Saturn. Based on the original version for the PC, C&C for the Saturn will be taking advantage of the Saturn's graphic capabilities. The player can choose from two forces. The first team is called the Global Defense Initiative. They are the good guys of the game. The second team, called the Brotherhood of Nod are the bad ones. The gameplay is like Dune II and Warcraft using strategy and plenty of armor, weapon and base upgrades to choose from. There are dozens of missions to complete so gamers should have a field day with this one. The object is to collect as much Tiberius as possible. Command & Conquer features over 90 minutes of video that contain live actors and 3-D-rendered cinemas. Unlike some other games that have odd video sequences, C&C uses actors that seem real.

People say:


I remember this one (rom the PC a while back. I'm glad to say that I like this one Just as much it not more. The soldier graphics are small but extremely detailed, and the buildings are tine. The music gets a little repetitious, but the sound effects are perfect (those enemy screams get better with each kill). Plus, there are many different options within the game like all the different types of buildings and soldiers you can construct. I also like the option of sending engineers Inside the enemy compounds and taking them over. And this is only the tip of the iceberg-this has the qualities of a classic. Tight from start to finish.


On the PC side, C&C would've been a big hit with me had It not been (or the superior Warcrafl II. But looking at C&C by Itself, it is an excellent example of how to create a fun, non-threatening real-time strategy game. The Saturn port is dead-on. I could find very little wrong in the translation. As (or the game itself, I wished that the units could've been made a bit larger (Westwood should've made a special enhanced Saturn version). That aside, C8C offers gamers the technique of an excellent strategy game, combined with the excitement of an action hit. Tills Is no boring turn-based too-many-details strategy game


No other strategy game on the Saturn Is easier to get into than C&C. You can learn its interface in under five minutes, and from that moment on, the game is every bit as fun and addictive as the Saturn's reigning strategy-game king, Dragon Force. Mission variety Is C8C's best feature. There are more than 30 missions altogether, and they vary from simple search-and-destroy outings to rescue and assassination attempts. You can even choose whether you want to be the good guys or the bad. The game's graphics, although adequate, are Its only downside. The soldiers are so tiny that It's hard to differentiate the troop types.


Command & Conquer Is a wonderfully done strategy game Its simple interface really allowed me to get Involved with the action far more than I had expected. While not as complex as Dragon Force, it has enough variety to keep you coming back for more. I would have liked to have seen a few more features or modes of play for my little people, like calling for a napalm strikevoudear weapons or a Kamikaze Mode (Cowabungal), but after some improvising, I had tons of fun anyway. The nicest thing about a solid title like this is dreaming of the things that'll be in the sequel. Don't forget to send in the citizens...

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Command & Conquer supports single modeSingle game mode

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