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  • Developer: Perfect Entertainment, Ltd.
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Originally on: Windows (1999)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


The latest Discworld may not feature such logical puzzles as "use the octopus on the toilet and then add some glue", but there is every chance you'll get stuck. Well, this is what you do:

Act 1

Go down to the wharf and find out from the First Mate that two mysterious passengers have been on-board the Milka. After asking him about the ship, go to Cate Ankh and talk to Nobby about Vimes and the Mysterious Passengers clue, which will give you the Murders clue. Take the crowbar from the cart in the alley outside, go back to the wharf and use it on the single crate to get you onto the ship. Once inside, take the label from the flotsam and climb up to the ship's deck. Go through the door and search the lower bunk to get the scrap of cardboard. When you go up you'll automatically end up back at your office.

Ask Nobby about the Two Mysterious Passengers clue again at Pseudopolis Yard. When you leave, the troll Malachite demands that you find Therma, as well as giving you access to the Octarine Parrot. There you can speak with Sapphire about Malachite to give you Rhodan's Workshop on the map, and about Therma to get the Madame Lodestone clue. Use this clue on Nobby to give you the Mausoleum on the map, where you should search the tombs to give you the Selachii Family Mausoleum clue. Go back to Cafe Ankh and talk to lisa about the Milka and then ask her about the label to add Pier Five to the map. Then head back to the office to find Al-Khali snooping around and throw him out.

Go to the Pier then back to your office and pick up Carlotta's invitation. Examine it and go to the Von Uberwald Mansion where you can show it to the butler, who then goes to find her. Look at the painting while he's gone. Ask Carlotta about the Selachii Family Mausoleum, after which you'll meet the Count and be taken to the tomb. Then it's time to return to the mansion and ask the butler about the Count to get the Missing Companion clue, which you should then talk about with the Count to get Regin's photograph.

In Rhodan's workshop you'll find Malachite. Tell him about Therma's tomb and you'll go there together. After you've received the grapple, examine the tomb and pick up the troll's tooth. Go to Pier Five and use the grapple on the ledge, open the skylight with the crowbar and take the matchbook from the warehouse. Use this with the scrap of cardboard and head for the Octarine Parrot where you should ask Mankin about Mundy, and then show him the matchbook. Talk to him about the lies, go to Mundy's room and it's curtains for Act 1.

Act 2

Look at the rope hanging from the ceiling and use the clue you get from it on Mundy's boots to get the Mundy Hung Upside Down clue. You should use this clue on the Azile clue, which you get from examining the message in blood scrawled on the wall, and then search the boots - the fact that you find nothing there is important. Go downstairs and talk to Mankin about Mundy being hung upside down. Keep talking until you get Mundy's coin from him.

Head back to the wharf and show Regin's photo to the First Mate to receive the Carriage clue. Go to Pseudopolis Yard and ask Nobby about the carriage to get Maudlin Bridge on the map. If you return to the wharf, the boat should have left and you can use the ropeless grapple on the mooring line. Now you can go to the bridge and use the grapple in the river.

Go back to the Parrot and ask Mankin about Sapphire lying, which gives you access to her dressing room. Talk to her there to get Saturnalia on the map. Before you go there talk to Mankin about Sapphire's money to get the Secret Meeting clue. When you do go, you'll need to bribe Whirl by using your purse, then you can ask him about Sapphire's money. Armed with information about her losing streak, go back to Sapphire and ask her about it. Talk to her about the secret meeting and confront her.

Go back to your office, where AI Khali is waiting for you again with lots of helpful clues, as well as giving you Horst's quarters on the map. In Saturnalia, ask Carlotta about the golden sword and you eventually get the Temple of Small Gods added to your map.

Talk to her about the Milka's cargo to get the shipping order, which you can then show to the watchman, and Pier Five to get clues about the cargo of the Milka, plus access to the Guild of Archaeologists. In Rhodan's workshop, talk to Malachite about something being in the river and then give him the grapple. Once he's hauled the carriage out of the river, compare Regin's photo with his body to get a key off him. Show it to Whirl at Saturnalia to go to the lockers, where you'll find a charm and an envelope. Show the charm to the Count after you've told him about Regin's murder.

Ask your friend Samael, at the Cafe Ankh, about the wine barrels to give you access to the cellar. There you can talk to lisa about the Varberg crates (a clue you'll find in the Sword page of your clue-book) to get the Hiding Place clue, and examine the box of receipts to get Patrician's Palace on the map.

If you go back to your office, you'll find a note from Sapphire that sets up a meeting with Therma for Malachite. Show him the note and he'll be murdered on the rooftops, landing you first in an interrogation chamber and then in a palace cell. Wait until the rat goes in the wall (don't move Lewton at all until it does), then examine the crack and move the block of stone. Once you're out, go to the Patrician's palace and use the grapple on the hole in the wall, down the side street. After you've come out of Leonard's cell, click on the hole again with the Hiding Place clue. Go to the Cafe Ankh's wine cellar and take Two Conkers to his new hideout, lisa will then give you access to the Guild of Archaeologists,this is where you are able talk to Discworld's answer to Lara Croft, Laredo Cronk.

Go over to Horst's quarters and talk to him about her, then go back to the Guild. Examine the bookcase and pull the hinged book to put the fire out. Examine the fireplace to find a switch which you can activate by using the poker on it to take you through to Vault 51.

Talk to Warb at Saturnalia and give him the charm in exchange for the Back Passage clue, which you can then use on Vault 51 's rune panel. Once inside, use the 3712Vcue (which you will have got by clicking the Ante clue on the Mundy Hung Upside Down one) on the crates to find a the cabinet. Make a hole in the cabinet's glass using the troll's tooth and smash the urn on the floor to get the golden sword. Then, prepare yourself for a nasty shock as the second act closes.

Act 3

Once Gaspode has trained you how to be a werewolf, change into one and sniff the magenta scent all the way to the murder site, outside Saturnalia. There, take a whiff of the dark green scent, turn into a human (well, into Lewton) and take the moss.

If you go back to your office, you'll catch Nobby having more than a professional root around your belongings. Take the crowbar, along with a wealth of new clues on murders occurring in the city. When Nobby has left, transform into a lycanthrope again and smell the purple scent.

Pay a visit to Carlotta at the mansion, and change while the butler is away. Sniffing the scents here will let you know that Carlotta is a werewolf too. Go into the conservatory, where you can have a nice chat with Death and show him the moss you found at your murder site. The Count will point you in the way of the Libraris Apocrypha, a useful place with plenty of information. Click on the index cards with the moss to get the Sewers clue, then use that on the cards again to find out where they are.

In the sewers, go through the left tunnel and follow the magenta trail as a werewolf. This will take you to a lair, where you can pick up a pendant after searching the debris. Show to Two Conkers in Leonard's cell and you'll get the Temple ofAnu-Anu at AI Khali clue. You need to get into the Unseen University to find out more. To do this, read the notices at the Octarine Parrot to find the advert for a bedmaker and laundryman, which gives you the University's New Hall on the map. Talk to Mrs Fomes there about the job and ask her about the wizard's murder to get the Pointy Boots clue. Search the unlocker for the student's books, then turn into a werewolf and smell the Octarine board. Use the Temple of Anu-Anu clue on it to change the invisible writing.

Walk out of New Hall and then come back in - one of the books in the unlocker should now be about Anu-Anu. Use the pendant on it to get a list of names. Go through the door and ask Bledlow about the wizard's murder.

Go back to the Octarine Parrot and ask Mankin about the merchant's murder to get the Merchants Guild on the map. Sniff the cyan scent in Sapphire's dressing room and you'll be able to pick up her perfume when you're human again.

If you have a sniff around the wine barrels at the back of the palace, you'll see a trace of magenta. Go to Cafe Ankh's cellar and use the crowbar on the wine barrels to get into the palace. Inside, go down the corridors until you come to a double door. As a werewolf, your heightened sense of hearing lets you overhear an interesting conversation and pick up some useful clues.

Next, go to the Merchants Guild and talk to the gatekeeper about the Pointy Boots clue, then go and ask Death about the merchant's murder.

Have another chat with Carlotta at Cafe Ankh and ask her about Mundy's, Regin's and Malachite's murders to get the Errata clue. Then, pay a visit to Mooncalf and show him the list of names. Go to the cemetery and over to the stained-glass windows, where you'll see two figures talking. Transform yourself into a hairy beast so you can hear what they're saying. Go back to the Temple of Small Gods and this time talk to Malaclypse about Errata and the meeting of true believers, which will get you into the inner sanctum.

Inside the inner sanctum, hide in the lectern and spray the troll perfume on Mooncalf's feet when he appears; this enables you to follow him in wolf mode by sniffing his scent, leading you to the sanctuary. After leaving the sanctuary, go back there and examine the fresco to find a strange symbol and make a sketch of it. Head to the library and look up Nylonathatep (the clue you got when you followed Mooncalf) and the strange symbol. This gives you the Octagram of Murders and Sign of the Eel clues.

Back at the Sanctuary, use the murder clues on the map to get the Wizard's Pleasaunce, Dagon Street and Dysk Theatre on the map. Go to this last place and take the flyer. Look it up in the library to get the Eight Great Tragedies clue, then head back to the theatre. Get as close to the stage as you can, so the actor can't see you, and turn into a wolf. When you become human again you'll see some marks on the stage; use the Sign of the Eel on them to find your way to the hidden chamber. There, use the Eight Great Tragedies clue on the altar and go over to Dagon Street. Get into the Fishbar by prising off the boards with your crowbar and examine the bone in the debris. Now, you can hide in the bushes at the Wizard's Pleasaunce to witness the final murder and the end of Act 3.

Act 4

Examine the inscription on the wall and search the rubble to find the golden sword. Now find your way to the mansion and look up the Nylonathatep clue again, which gives you the Radiant Trapezohedron clue. Talk about this to Two Conkers to get the star map. In the sanctuary, you can pick up the amulet after enjoying a spot of lunch and searching the body.

Go back to the Temple of Small Gods and show the amulet to Mooncalf, who converts into a born-again atheist and delights you with his diving skills. Next, pay a visit to Rhodan and show him the bandages you'll find lying around in his workshop, then ask him about Foid. Drop in on him in the dark room opposite the Fishbar and ask him about the amulet and the Gelid clue.

Try to get back into New Hall and you'll be fired, but if you tell Nobby about Gelid you can get a search warrant to force your way in. Once inside, go to the door at the back and wolf it. You end up at the observatory with Satrap, who you should then talk to about Horst, Gelid and the Radiant Trapezohedron until you can taunt him to his death. When he's gone, use the star map on the mosaics and then on the Small Group of Boring Stars, after which you can use the telescope to guide you to the Mausoleum. Pick up the astrolabe before leaving and use it on the starry Mausoleum sky to arrive at a crypt. Search the statue, go in the crypt and use Mundy's coin on the sarcophagus' indent.

Threaten the zombie with the golden sword before he bores you to death and then you'll receive the jewel. Once Horst has taken the sword from you, use the jewel to go and see him at Maudlin Bridge. Go over to the bridge and get the sword back.

Now, go to Leonard's cell, clearing the rubble just outside it. lisa will stop you from using the flying machine, so use the Sign of the Eel on it for protection. Now you are ready to sit back and see the story come to its conclusion, fxeunf walkthrough.

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OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Discworld Noir supports single modeSingle game mode

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