Shadow Of The Comet

  • Developer: Infogrames Europe SA
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Originally on: Windows (1993)
  • Also known as: Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Day One

After the introductory sequence, the game begins in the smouth harbour, just after you have come ashore. Your host. Dr Cobble, and the Mayor, Andrew Arlington, are waiting for you with a horse and carriage. Walk down and talk to them. Pleasantries will be exchanged and you will then be driven to Dr Cobble's house which is situated in the northeast corner of the town.

Outside the house. Mayor Arlington will ask if it is true that you are interested in the stars. It is important that you do not make him suspicious at this stage in the game, so answer: 'Amongst other things...' and then, in response to the Mayor's comment that it must be fascinating, say: 'That might be putting it a little too strongly'. He finally asks what the purpose of your visit is, but your answer is non-committal. The Mayor will take his leave and Dr Cobble will show you to your room and leave you there.

For the moment, ignore your luggage and take Boleskine's diary which is lying on the chest of drawers. Read this to obtain your first clue. Now take and read the telegram on the small table to discover that you will need to obtain some photographic plates. Go to the general store just south of the town square. The shopkeeper. Will Myers, will be serving the robed figure of Wilbur Hambleton. Wait till Myers has finished and then talk to him. You will buy one of his two remaining boxes of photographic plates. Hambleton will hang around and try to hear what you are saying, so when Myers asks you what you plan to photograph, tell him that you are going to take some views of the area. Leave the shop by the north exit and you will see Miss Picott and her niece sitting on a bench. Talk to them twice and on the second occasion say: 'I would be so immensely grateful if you were to tell me where I might find the town records.' Miss Picott will tell you that the town records are kept in the town hall.


Go to the town hall and, as you approach it, the Mayor will pass you. Follow him to Coldstone's house. This is another clue. Go back to the town hall and enter it by the door on the south side. Go right through the first room into the inner office. Talk tojugg, the records keeper, twice to tell him you'd like to consult the register of births. He will test you with a quote. The correct answer is: 'Shakespeare'. When he asks you if you're a reading man. say 'I like nothing better than a good read.' Go to the register of births (the open book on the long desk to the right) and consult it. It will identify the three individuals that could possibly have been Boleskine's guide as; Curtis Hambleton, Coldstone and Greenwood. Talk to Jugg again and when he begins talking about local legends, say: 'How fascinating! That's a subject I'm very keen on.' He will tell you about his library. Continue the conversation along the subject of secrets by saying: 'Well they do say there's no such thing as a perfectly guarded secret. Mister Jugg...'. This will get Jugg on your side and he'll invite you to visit him. He'll also tell you the location of the three houses you need to visit and invite you to examine the other room.

Go into the other room and Jugg will follow you, telling you that he will be at home. Follow him to learn the location of his house and then go back to the second room in the records office. Look at the strange statue in the corner and you will find another clue in the form of a page of Boleskine's writings that have been corrected. Go back to the inner room and search the four cabinets on the far wall. There you will discover a clue about the names of citizens of Illsmouth. evidence that Jugg has been involved in spying, some useless papers and a magnifying glass. Take the magnifying glass with you.

Ethnic cleansing

Now you can begin your search for the guide. Go first to Greenwood's house, just to the right of your lodgings. He will be sitting outside on a bench with Miss Picott. Talk to the couple and you will discover that Greenwood has been blind, deaf and dumb since birth, putting him out of the picture. Next try Coldstone's house in the far south-west corner of the town. This is the house that Arlington visited earlier. When you knock there will be no answer. Finally go to Curtis Hambleton's dwelling, which is the boat-house next to the dock. Curtis will be curled up asleep in one corner. Talk to him and he will start to discuss his role as guide and tell you that he took Boleskine to a cross in the forest. Ask: 'Where did you take Boleskine?', but he will not tell you. He will give you a clue about the events that are about to occur, and implicate his brother, Wilbur. Head back to the town square, taking the rope ladder next to the boat yard on the way.

In the town square you will find Sergeant Baggs trying to clear some gypsies out of town. Talk to him to tell him what you are looking for. He will warn you away from the forest. Talk to him again to argue with him about the innocence of the gypsies. He will get mad but the fortune teller will thank you. Now go to see Jugg in his house. Talk to him. He has something on his mind. Say: 'Have you found something?' He will tell you that he will discuss something with you later on. On your way out. examine the rifle hanging on the wall. It is Boleskine's. Use the magnifying glass to read the clue on its side.


Now go back to your lodgings. Open your chest and take the drawing and map. Now look in the set of drawers and you will find some absorbent cotton and surgical spirit. Use the surgical spirit to dampen the cotton. Now go to the table and use the drawing. Then use the damp cotton on the drawing to gain another clue. Take the rubbed drawing. Using the map at the table, pinpoint the location of the cross by marking the Searcher constellation with an X. leave the house and go left into the forest. Explore the forest using the forest diagram until you have found three branches and a creeper, then return to the town.

Now go to the drugstore, where you'll see Myer. Talk to him. He will warn you about Wilbur Hambleton and his sons, and tell you to find Tyler in the tavern. Go to the tavern and talk to Dr Cobble, who is standing outside. He will give you a clue about Mrs Picott's religious persuasion and remind you to speak to Tyler. Inside there is a man at the bar. Talk to the barman until you ask the barman if the man is Tyler. He will tell you that the man is Thomas Bishop. You will both talk about Tyler and then the man himself will arrive. Tyler will be introduced to you, and you'll both sit down. Talk to him. He will ask for $20.00 to guide you. Say '$20.00! I'm talking about the forest...'. You will negotiate, but when your name is mentioned he will offer to take you for just $5.00. Tell him you'll think about it. At that point a window will be broken and everyone will rush outside to discover the two Hambleton boys laying into Walter Webster. After failing to stop them, pick up the bat lying on the ground and threaten them with it. They will move off. You take Webster to the drugstore to get fixed up. The assistant will call her father in to help. He will take Webster into another room, while you talk to Mary Matthews about photography. When the chemist appears again, he will introduce himself as Matthews and offer you the use of his darkroom.


You go outside with Webster and talk to him; he offers to guide you to the cross and arranges to meet you in an hour outside the town hall. Return to your lodgings and retrieve your camera, tripod, lantern and lens from the trunk. Then rendezvous with Webster outside the town hall and talk to him. It is now night. Once he is satisfied that you have the necessary equipment, he will carry your tripod and lead you into the forest and through an overgrown path to a bridge. Something will move in the undergrowth and he will become frightened. He points you in the direction of the cross, but will not go on. Try to bribe him, but he will run away taking your tripod with him. Go across the bridge and you'll find the cross. Use the three branches and creeper to make a makeshift tripod. Put the camera and lens on the tripod. Unwrap the photographic plates and take a picture on each of them, then recover your camera and lens.


Walk to the right and you'll come into another clearing with a black cat. It will dash away into the undergrowth. Look at the spot where the cat disappeared and you'll discover a path. Walk along it and you'll emerge above a clearing with a stone circle. An Indian will be conducting a strange ceremony with a group of robed figures. Quickly shuffle to the right, behind a tree where you can watch without being seen. The Indian will utter strange words and fire will appear from his hands. A bird will then swoop down and take a parchment from him. but it will be dropped at your feet. At this point, the Indian will notice you. You grab the parchment and run back along the path. In the clearing, the Indian will appear in front of you. He will tell you that you are to die and that Cthulu will reign again in two nights. He will also reveal himself as Nerackamous. You will quickly run back to the cross. He will chase you, so escape by running back over the bridge.

Nerackamous will not follow you over the bridge, but stops to perform an incantation. The bridge breaks and a tentacled creature begins to appear. You will dash from the forest back to Dr Cobble's house, to collapse from fright and exhaustion.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Shadow Of The Comet supports single modeSingle game mode

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