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I always enjoy a puzzle game, and Mickey's Ultimate Challenge comes off very well. The sounds i aren't too hot, and the music is best turned down, but the graphics and animation reflect the, Disney theme very well. After you play through the game once, I don't really see the replay value, but it's good the first time around. This game would be perfect for the younger players. It's a good game, but not great.


Puzzle games are always fun to play and this one is too. Although the game is really geared for younger players, it can be fun for an older player; it's just that the difficulty level is a bit too easy for veteran players The puzzles are cute and have a lot of variety. The game is pretty colorful but the control of Mickey really needs some fine tuning. Younger kids may want to check this one out. Older players might get bored.


Mickey's Ultimate Challenge is not much of one when it comes to playing through the six different puzzles, all of which can be easily solved, even in the hardest setting. Puzzle gurus will breeze through this one Difficulty aside, this game is a good brain teaser that young players may enjoy. The graphics, sorry to say, are disappointing for a 16-Bit game. It could use more color and the music was best turned off.


I love puzzles games, but I must admit that this one is a bit too easy. Even on the hardest level, the puzzles are simple and lose some of their value However, there are six unique games like Simon Says and the classic Concentration The graphics and sounds are decent for the system but overall it seems to be geared toward a younger audience. It's a good game for puzzle fans but it may be too easy for veterans.

Why are earthquakes rocking the kingdom of Beanwick? Use your puzzle-solving derring-do to discover the cause and save the day. Setting things right in Beanwick is the name of the game in Mickey's Ultimate Challenge from Hi-Tech Expressions.

You play as Mickey or Minnie in this Genesis brain teaser. Before getting to the bottom of the big mystery, you must assist a few of your pals in solving puzzles of their own. Goofy can't seem to put his tools in the right order—help him out, and he'll give you a prize. Win a game of Concentration to clean off Daisy's dusty family portraits, and she'll give you another. Once you've rescued five cartoon buddies, you trade your rewards in for beans. Why would you give up glittering prizes for measly beans? Hmmm. The story seems familiar...

You can solve the puzzles in any order. If you're totally frustrated by one, take off! Win a couple of other games, and come back when your brain is refreshed. You can even start trading in your beans before you've collected all your prizes. Your friends won't take offense. Once you've solved the big mystery by mastering the whole set of puzzles, try a more difficult level. The toughest games will have you scratching your head.

Hot Hints


  1. You can stand on the shelves in Horace's library. But don't touch the tloor!
  2. Choose the same tool for each slot in Goofy's puzzle. You'll either place it correctly or discover that it doesn't even belong in the box.
  3. If you get stuck in Donald's potion game, press the A Button to start over.
  4. You get unlimited tries at each game.
  5. Visit each character twice— once to solve a puzzle and win a prize, and a second time to trade in your prize fora magic bean.
  6. Press Start to see the prizes you've collected.

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Mickey's Ultimate Challenge supports single modeSingle game mode

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Mickey's Ultimate Challenge 1
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