Thief II: The Metal Age

  • Developer: Looking Glass Studios, Inc.
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (2000)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

Running Interference

The side door has been unlocked for you. Head in the route shown on your map. Go through the door and take the coins on the table.

Go north to the next room. Outside the door on the left is a key on a ledge. Stay hidden from the guards and extinguish the torch near to them. Knock out the guards. Open the right-hand door, extinguish the light and go through the left door near the guards. Steal their possessions. Take what's on the shelf. Under the shelf on the other side of the room from the door, you'll find a switch. Take everything you find in the secret compartment.

Go into the room with the guards, blind them with a flashbomb and knock them out. Go through to the room with a fireplace and then into the hall beyond. Knock out the guard you find in there and put him in the steam room. Using your map, head for the kitchen. Open the door and hide in the shadows created by the pillars. Knock out the guard, putting the body in the storage room. Inspect the wine rack and take what is there. Exit the cellar and head down the north hallway. Get into the dumbwaiter, turn to face its entrance and use the switch to activate it.

Steal everything the guard has, then go back down. Go to the kitchen. Snuff out the torch, then go in. Knock out the guard and dispose of the body. Go to the end of the hallway and move past Jenni's door. Go up the stairs to the second floor. There's a guard near the stairs, who you must knockout. Put the body in the shadows and go north. In the music room, steal everything you can. At the south side of the hall nearby is a steel door. Use the key you stole earlier to unlock it. Go to the third floor, disposing of the guard as you go. Steal his key. Head through the west door when you get to the third floor. Now, go into the bedroom and activate the switch underneath the table. Get the key.

Go back to the second floor. Walk across the large hall to get to the double doors. Unlock them with the key you found upstairs. Wait until the guards pass by, go onto the balcony and attract their attention. Run inside, and throw a flashbomb at the guards. Knock them both out, steal their keys and hide them. Head for the west ramp and knock out the guard nearby. Take his key and stash his body.

Go to the east wing of the second floor. Open the second door here and extinguish any lights. Wait in there until the guard wanders by, then clout him one. Head for the hall in front of the first floor stairs and knock out the guard there. Look into all the rooms in the wing and steal whatever you can. South of here are some stairs which take you to the third floor again, so steal everything up there too. When you're done, go back to Basso and follow him to complete the mission.

Shipping And Receiving

You're on a crate. Get off it and head south. Find the gap in the crates and go through it. You should be able to see a door to a warehouse with a number on it. You can open the left-hand crate. Near the warehouse is a shed. Go in and look at the number pad. Putting in the numbers of corresponding warehouses will open them.

Head west and take out the guards. Head for the stairwell of the first building and knock out the guard. Knock out the archers get the opportunity as well. Go to the second floor. There's a key in the office. There are two doors nearby with guards next to them. Knock them both out and hide their bodies. Go left, walk past the metal door to the wooden one. Go through it and into Vice President Rampone's office.

Knock out the President. Steal whatever you find here, then leave. Go round the corner to the mail room. Take the money in the cash box. Go through the door next to this room. You can use this keypad to unlock the warehouse doors if you like.

Bay 7732: Pick up the label on the desk.

Bay 6937: Behind the counter on the shelves is loads of loot. Under the counter is a cash box. Fire an arrow into the eye of the painting with the relevant placard. Take the money from the safe.

Bay 0928: The highest and lowest shelves have crystals which you must take.

Bay 0266: There's money on the table and swanky candle sticks in the right corner.

Bay 7933: Put the label you found earlier onto the large box near the door. Inspect the diary on the table. Then look behind the tapestry. Get on the lift, and go up. On the shelves are some gold plates for you to nick.

Bay 5188: There's an expensive silver canister here.

Bay 6013: Go up the left lift to find a crystal.

Bay 0457: Inspect the metal man. On the shelf are some crystals. There's also a small crate to be inspected here. Go up the stairs until you come out on the roof. Turn right so that you're facing the skylight, which is open. Go down the ladder and head south, pausing at the metal door. Go into another warehouse, find the wooden door and go in. Check out the table for things to steal. Go to the other steel door.

Open the door with the lever and walk out and look west. Follow the catwalk to the second building. Open the door you come to and head west down the hallway. You should now be at some stairs. Head up the stairs and knock out the guard you come across. Go to President Rampone's office. Inspect the bookcase and find a trigger mechanism. Steal everything you find. Now head out of this room and go back to the lift.

Head for the second floor. Knock out the guard, steal his key and hide the body. Walk through the southwest door and then through the steel one. To the south should be a skylight.

Look around to see the smugglers. Smash the skylight open. Using a moss arrow to cushion your fall, jump onto the crate below. Get onto the chests and wait. Use your lock picks to open the chest and get the rope with an arrow on it. Leave by using the orange door.

When approaching the docks, locate the guards and knock them out. Then hide them in the shadows. Follow the smugglers you saw earlier, when they go into the warehouse, knock them both out. Hide them and take the key that one of them has. Now go to Davidson's office and use this key to get into the crate that's in there.

Go to the ship and hug its sides, while keeping low. Snuff out all lights on and near the dock. Creep up behind the guard on the ship, knock him out and rob him of his possessions. Check out the crate nearby as well. Go to the Captain's quarters. Steal everything you find in this room. Now leave the ship. If you've found enough spice to complete the mission, go back to where you started the mission and climb up the crates to end the level.


Make sure you stock up on plenty of invisibility potions, water and moss arrows before you start. You're outside in a square, and if you want some loot, rob the Officer's Club to the west. Now search the bins near the tavern. Go to the house with the metal door, pick its lock and go in. Inspect the hatch on the left-hand side of the room. Open it with the switch in the north of the room, and then get into it, and start swimming east. Surface near the pipe to catch your breath, then head north. Open the drain you come across and swim into it, then north up another pipe. When you get to the next tank, go west. Head north through another pipe and then keep going north.

You should now be in a pool. Swim away from the spider, get out of the pool and go through the opening in the rock, which has a torch either side of it. Search the two pools that you come across, then walk over the planks. The extinguished torch will open a secret door. Use another lever to close the door, then go up the stairs. Keep going until you come to a door in the east wall. Snuff out all the lights and open the door while crouching. Head south once the guard has passed.

Move south. Duck down as you go past the room with the complaining woman, and then go through the south door. Look at the note on the table. Check the water cooler next to the table. Walk to the metal desk, and use the lever to deactivate the alarm system. Look under the table and press the button you see. Take everything from the secret compartment that opens.

Go to the basement, returning to the pool you entered through. Go through the opening of the tunnel with two flares, picking them up as you go. When the tunnel divides, go east. Use the switch near you, and a secret door will open. Go through it and close it behind you. Head through the east door. Put out the lights and then go up the stairs. Steal as much money as you can find up here. After going down the east steps, go up the stairs to the north. Put out all the lights as you move. To the east stands a guard, who you must steal a key from.

Do this by snuffing out the light near to him. Hide and wait till the patrolling guards move away from you. Follow the one who's going west and duck into the third door to the north, which leads to the target range.

Aim an arrow for the bullseye of the right target to open a secret door. Take whatever you find through it. Press the button next to the metal door and head through the opening. Follow the guard walking south. Activate the lever on the east wall. Go through the secret door and use the ladder to get to another hallway. Click on the left hand switch to get into the next room. Find the secret opening by inspecting the bookshelf.

Go north, and when you get to a hallway, go through the door to the stairs. Go through the west door and smash open the door to Mosely's quarters. Read the book on the table. Go back to the first floor.

Follow the southeast wall when you come out of the secret passage. Throw the switch on the pillar. Go through the secret door that it opens. Search all of the lockers. Go out the west door. Search the chests, then leave through the west door. Stop off at the toilets, then go through the door north of them. Put out the lights, then go through the western double doors. Extinguish the lights in the courtyard and go through the double doors. Head south and go through the door. Search the room, go out the west door and walk to the training room.

Pull the sconce. Fire the rope with an arrow on it at the balcony, climb up and go through the secret passage. Find a switch then head through the next secret passage. Put out the fire and go in. Search the room and open the locked door with your picks. Follow the guard who walks north after putting out the lights. Go to Lieutenant Moseley's office and search the bin. Go to Lieutenant Hagen's office and pick up the handkerchief. Go towards Truart's office, and down the east/west hall. Go to the Warden's room. Check the bookshelves then climb to the third floor. Get the key off the guard. Follow the hallway and use invisibility potions to get past the electric eye. Follow the rooms north. Unlock the vault door and go in. Use the numbers you learnt earlier to get into the vault, drop the evidence you picked up. Go to the little courtyard on the first floor, hit the switch on the south wall and leg it.


Go up the stairs, run west and into the north street. Jump for the wall, pull yourself into the garden. Open the metal door to the north. Turn off the lights outside, then go out of the window for the darkness you've created. Leave the market by the southwest exit. Climb into the manhole cover that you come across. Follow the passage into a channel. Get into the water and swim. Leave the water at the lamp post. Go down the alley which heads west. Then go north until you get back to your house. Run north then east to get to the alley behind your house. Find the wooden double doors in a nearby building and go in, closing them behind you. Put out the lights and go upstairs. Find the room which looks onto your house. Jump over to your house, pick up your possessions, then jump back. Now go back the way you came, so that you're back at the manhole cover. Go to the market and walk east.

When you get there, go through the wooden door in the east wall. Unlock the metal door, go up the stairs and steal the key on the table. Leave, head north and then east at the first opportunity. You should come to another manhole cover. Extinguish the lights nearby, then unlock the door with the key you just found. Follow the tunnel north, making sure to be particularly quiet as you go. When the three guards move, go north to the wooden door. Unlock it and head upstairs.

Look out of the window, moss the scaffolding and drop down. When the patrolling guards move off, moss the ground and jump down. Go to the building north of you and pick the lock off the metal door. Go in and snuff out the light. Take the food you find. Open the shutters, and if the guards have gone, climb out of the window. Run north and then west until you arrive at Shalebridge Gate. Unlock the gate to complete the mission.


You are in front of the Mechanist's seminary. Run east. When you get to the path, go south and through the metal door in the south wall. Go west and take out the lights. Now wait for the guard to pass by you, and clout him one. Get close to the room's northeast door and listen closely to what Karras says in regards to where the key can be found, and then go and get it. After you've got it, return to the door you eavesdropped at. To the south of this room are some stairs. Use them, dragging the unconscious guard behind you.

Get rid of the guard in some shadows and keep following the stairs down, taking any valuables you find. Walk through the doorway with the lanterns above it. Crouch down and go through the tunnel heading north. Again, pick up any items of worth you come across. At the guard room, go up the stairs. Use the east door.

Go out of this room through the southeast door. Walk west, then north until you get to a ladder, which you must use. Knock out the guard, then look into the storage shed on the roof. Go to the southwest and take the goblet. To the west is the entrance to the temple. Open it, wait till the guard passes you, then knock her out. Use the ladder to head up, because there's plenty of loot to be found in the chests there.

Go to the tower by using the doors on the second floor. Go to the east tower first. After opening the door to the east tower, stay still and listen. Hide in the shadows while the two guards talk. When they stop talking, knock both of them out. Steal all the valuables in the room. Go back to the archway where you eavesdropped earlier and go down. Extinguish the lights. Hide under the stairs until the guards finish chatting, and move on. Go into the room they were just in and put out the lights. Open the door which has the hammers on it with your picks.

Once in the catacombs, use your flashbombs to take out the ghosts, and collect as much treasure and gold as you can find. Make a copy of the key you found earlier, by going to the workroom, which is in the north section of the catacombs. Push the safety deposit key into the wax.

Make sure you avoid the robot that's walking around, so as not to attract attention to your presence. Check out what's behind the steel door to the northeast of the entrance (pick it open) through which you first entered the complex, before making a run for it and completing the mission.

First City Bank and Trust

You're near the bank. Go west and follow the north wall. Go past the barrel and the wagon. Follow the three guards when they appear. Go to the stone shed and use the ladder you find there to go down. Head east and climb up the next ladder you come across. Now walk east. There should be a guard in front of the door. Using the alcove to get behind him, knock him out. Go through the door behind him. Go up the stairs. Snuff out the light to the south. Walk around the stairwell and wander east. Find the metal door and put out the torch near it. Open the door, lean in and shoot out the light. Work out the electric eye's pattern and then sneak past it, closing the door behind you. Inspect everything on the desk and then head back to the stairs on the first floor.

Go down to the steel door and go in. Go round the sides of the room to the other door, to avoid the electric eye. Pick the lock of the chest in this room. Go through the south door. Knock out the nearby guard and hide the body. Go east and open the door into the adjacent room with a large staircase in it. Put out the lantern. Go through the door on the other side of the room. Put out the light at the base of the stairs. Run under the electric eye before it detects you. Go through the door and inspect the desk. Open the door to the basement and head down.

Go to the room full of crates. Take out the guard. Find the sign on the wall and go north through the first door you come across. Go north after navigating the tunnels. Use moss arrows on the metal floor, go across, then head southwest. Find another sign and go down the tunnel next to it. Throw a mine towards the mech-guard and watch it blow itself up. Get past the electric eye by sticking to the sides of the room and shadows. Throw the switch in front of the barred door. Hide while the door opens, then run through.

Check out the east side of the boiler and open up the panel you find there. Activate the switch. Go back to the room which takes you to the basement and head to the third floor, taking out any guards you come across as you go. At the top, throw a flashbomb at the archer, knock him out and stash the body. Stick to the shadows and head across the chamber, then follow the passage, putting out lights as you go. The key from the basement guard should open the double doors. Inside, find the switch that turns off an electric eye. Go back to the first floor via the stairwell.

To the south is a steel door. Go through and follow the hallway south. Go into the courtyard. Run past the electric eye in the next room you come to. Go out via the west door after stealing all the gold you find in the room. Go to the lobby and hide in a doorway shadows. Go west, down the stairs and steal the light and whatever you find in the chest.

Run past the electric eye in the north room. Get yourself to the northwest part of the room. Go up the ramp, extinguish the light and open the steel door to the west. Head south, knock out the guard and lock pick the metal door. Go back to the ramp and go north to the vault. After disposing of the guard, go to the metal door under the ramp which leads to the second floor. The button here will switch off the electric eye near the vault, making it safe to go in. Take the lift to the second floor. Go past the electric eye and use the ladder to go up. Open the box and find the wax cylinder machine. Go south and out of the bank to complete the mission.


Get over the wall and look through the gap. Head east until you come to a gap in the wall, where you must hide. Take out the torches near the chapel. Knock out the sleeping man. Go east of the chapel and activate a switch near the wooden door. Head south until you reach a gate. Open it, knock out and hide the guard and take the key. Go to the back of the house and through the door there. Knock out the guards, take their keys and leave through the east door. Pick the chests, steal what's in them and then knock out the guard. Walk down the hall and take the first door to the north. Pick open the next door. Find the torch that moves and open a secret compartment.

Go back to the main hallway. Go west and take out the guards. Extinguish the fire in the fireplace and take the arrow. Take the gold on the table, then walk west to the kitchen. Knock out the servant and take his key. Steal whatever you can from the kitchen. Go to the ballroom, knock out the sleeping man and then go to the door which requires a gear key. Unlock this door. Knock out the guard and take his key. Go up the stairs, put out the lights and go to the hallway to the east. Unlock the door, go in, check the note on the table and open the secret door with the book on the bookshelf. Steal whatever you can find in the chest.

To the south is a guard, knock him out and take his key. Go south down the hall. Go into all the rooms you come across and steal whatever you find. After this, head for the game room. Listen carefully, and then steal the gold on the table. Leave through the door to the east. Go into the room at the other side of the game room. Steal Benny's gold after he has stopped talking. Knock out the guard.

Go north down the hall. Get past the electric eye and jump into the northern pool. At the bottom is a silver key. Leave the room the same way you came in and go north. At the intersection, open the west door carefully and run into the room when the electric eye is not pointing at you. Get the arrows, then hide in the shadows. Use a fire arrow to take out the electric eye. Go north. Put the silver gear into the gear machine and head into the hall. After turning the corner, put out the torch. Now walk south and listen carefully. Knock out the guards and take the gold key that one of them is carrying. Hide the bodies.

Go to the third floor and head east. Go in through the double doors. Open the balcony doors and inspect the site of the murder. Return to the second floor. Use the gold key to open the door to the second floor hall. Use the stairs to descend and then go east. Unlock the west door. Cut open the tapestry and head through the gap. Follow the passage and go out of the main door. If you've fulfilled all of the objectives, then you've finished the mission. That concludes the first half walkthrough. Next month, we'll tackle the second part of this excellent game. See you then...

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Thief II: The Metal Age supports single modeSingle game mode

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