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All kids love the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Here we have a group of five teenagers who are needed to r fight against evil forces. This doesn't sound like a very original story line, but it has caught on among the younger generation. These five teenagers fight the rubber monsters that are more commonly known in Japan. These rangers can call forth their powers and unite to create an extremely powerful machine called Megazord. This can help them out of some really bad situations.

This game is set up like a fighting game but with a pretty detailed story line. Play as any one of the five rangers and learn each one's special moves and combos for use on any evil that you might come across. You will even suit up as the awesome Megazord to do battle with some of the creatures you meet. Fans of the series will definitely love this game, and it's available on all three platforms.

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Game features: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie supports single modeSingle game mode

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America's hippest teen superheroes are morphin' their way to your Genesis. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are starring in their first American Genesis adventure. If you watch Saturday morning TV, then you know these cool kids with the ability to morph into five colorful, martial arts powerhouses with slick, high-tech dinosaur vehicles. Tricer-atops. Mastodon. Sabertooth Tiger. Pterodactyl. Tyrannosaurus Rex. By day, they're your normal high school teens. But when danger calls, they become ultracool. Ultrapowerful. They become Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with the ability to combine into the awesome Megazord.

It's Morphin' Time

Sega's Mighty Morphin'Power Rangers pits the fearsome fivesome against the evil Rita Repulsa in an all-out martial arts battle against her immense army of subspace lowlifes. One or two players will be able to battle enemies or each other in a variety of combat or cooperative modes. Stay tuned to your TV for the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" show. And stay tuned to Sega Visions for more on the action-packed Mighty Morphin'Power Rangers game.

Power Rangers Storm Your Genesis.

Who's the Enemy:

Rita Repulsa is on the rebound, and the Power Rangers have to convince her once and for all that taking over planets is just plain rude. But hold on a minute: Rita's enlisted one of your own. This green meanie has some pretty wild tricks up his sleeve.

This action-packed Fghting game is great for beginners who want to work their way up to more advanced games. Because you use only two of the three buttons of your control pad, you can trash your opponent much faster and still pack a powerful wallop Take on Rita in one-player mode and slam it to each of her henchmen once on your turf and once on theirs. If you win the first battle, Rita gives her goon squad a little help in the growth department. And as all good Rangers know, that means you've got to come together to form the Megazord. If you really want to get personal, take on your buddies in two-player mode. Choose from 12 powerful no-holds-barred fighters and work ‘em over on six detailed outer-worlds. Saving the planet ain't easy.

Power up Your Game Gear:

  1. Choose from five Rangers to kick the butts of Rita Repulsa and her repulsive henchmen.
  2. Teach Goldar not to mess around with the Power Rangers.
  3. Rita's brainwashed your green ally!
  4. Teach Goldar not to mess around with the Power Rangers. Mastodon, Saberlooth Tiger, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Triceratops unite to form the Mighty Megazord.

Hot Hint's:

  1. Throw a Super move: Do two complete circles on the D-Pad, then hit Buttons A and B.
  2. Try the Megazord's Smash Bomber in combination with other moves. Press Down, Toward/Down, Toward, Attack.
  3. When facing Golda^ dangerous Hurricane sword, jump over the hurricane, immediately sweep him, and use any special move. 4.Every character has a deflection move. Hit Toward on the D-Pad twice, then hit Buttons A and B.


Can't get enough of those hip teen Power Rangers? Now you can defend the planet on your Genesis with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers from Sega. You play as any of the Rangers, the powerful Megazord, or any of the creeps who work for Rita Repulsa. Battle it out alone, or wield your mighty morphin' power against a friend. Everything that makes the show a smash hit is in the game. The super graphics, digitized voices, and awesome special moves put you in control of the Power Rangers' most serious mission yet.

Pit a rotten villainess and her lowlife henchmen against teenagers with attitude and dinosaur power, and what do you get?

You get games directly based on the No. 1 Fox TV blockbuster Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on not one but three Sega systems!

They're coming to your Sega CD, Genesis, and Game Gear.

These three kicking games have one thing in common — tons of higbenergy Fighting action.

Battle Rita Repulsa and her horde as any of the Rangers, put your Power Zords up against really big bad guys, and save the world from evil.

No matter which version you choose, these games are mighty, they're morphin, they're power filled, and they're hot!


Mighty Morphiti Power Rangers Genesis gives Fighting fans two terrific modes of play.

Choose the One Player Scenario Mode, and at the outset you battle as one of the five Power Rangers.

Defeat your opponent and fight using the combined strength of the crew as the MegaZord.

Stop Evil Green Ranger, and he joins the Rangers after being convinced of his error.

In all, you can fight through the Scenario using nine characters — including two Zords — each with up to four special moves and hidden super moves.

Select Two Player Battle Mode to go head to head with an opponent using one of 12 fighters in six battle stages.

Here you not only get to do battle as Rangers and Zords but also can select four of Rita Repulsa's henchper-sons—the Minotaur, Goldar, Cyclopsis, and Madam Woe.

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