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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega CD (1992)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

The mega-hit action/RPG Rise of the Dragon makes its way from the PC to the Sega CD. This fantastic technopunk thriller drops you in mid-21st century L.A. as Blade Hunter and lets you untangle webs of chilling mystery while trying to survive in the streets. You'll have arcade action, puzzles to solve and lots of possible outcomes. This game is candy for your mind.

Rise to the Occasion

William "Blade" Hunter, a burned- out cop turned private eye, has a number of problems. His old boss — now the Mayor — has hired him to investigate his daughter's death. The daughter died in mid-mutation caused by a new terror in the streets, the drug MTZ. A more immediate menace also threatens the streets: Bahumat, an evil Chinese warlord, appears to have come back from the dead after 3,000 years. Bahumat has designs on the city...and the world.

Rise of the Dragon includes all the original game, and more. The innovative original soundtrack has been updated for even better digital-stereo sound. Amazing amounts of digitized voice (in lots of terrific accents) have been added to give Rise of the Dragons already movielike feel a spectacular boost. Even better, there are no passwords. The Sega CD’s save feature keeps your place the Rise of the Dragon's most important feature is the games multiple outcome branches. The game's outcome can go lots of different ways depending on a number of variables. These include who you talk to, what time of day you spoke to them, what you had in your inventory at the time, who you had spoken to before and how you talk to each character. Rise of the Dragon is a title that you will love to play more than once, with different tactics each time so you can see all the different endings.

  • TIP: It may seem obvious, but dress Blade before you leave his apartment. Otherwise you will get arrested.

  • TIP: There is a way to get this guy's you're careful.

  • TIP: In the arcade scene at the Warehouse, use your handy With & Smesson Pistol on Snake as he comes across the pit.

  • TIP: You can do this with your Pistol but a rifle might be more help. Did Chang Li give you anything that had the word Kevlar in it?

  • TIP: Search everywhere. Take everything. Anything could be helpful and, if nothing else, you may get a big laugh.

  • TIP: In the Warehouse District, you'll find an ancient Chinese Mythology Scholar named Chang Li. If you play your cards right, he can be very helpful.

  • TIP: Keep locking yourself out of your apartment? Typical Blade. Search the hallway for an alternate method of entry rather than restarting.

  • TIP: Can't get inside D.H. Enterprises? Tried bombs, pistol and gas? There are a number of ways in...try the roof or someone else's ID. Keep eating those fortune cookies.

  • TIP: Vid-Phone Tapping 101. Keep getting barbecued at Jonny's Access Panel? Pay attention to the color code of your wire tester. Look at the wire tester in your inventory.

  • TIP: How come there's nothing to do at the reservoir? The time is not yet ripe, my son. Watch your Meanwhile Scenes.

  • TIP: Save before you go to see the Mayor. Your old boss is a grouch and might just toss you in jail if you handle him wrong.

  • TIP: Exercise care with the items you collect. You might be especially careful with the Fisto Candy Bars and the Bombs.

  • TIP: You completed the game but Karen died? Try the Janitor's Closet for something helpful next time.

  • TIP: Talk to everyone you can. But first carefully read your response captions.

  • TIP: Don't forget to duck in the last arcade sequence against Bahumat. A bomb might be useful here.

  • TIP: If your girlfriend, Karen, does nothing but scream at you, give up. You need her help. Start over. Be nice. Keep the second date...you big lug.

  • TIP: As you move through the game and get more information, more subway stops appear.

  • TIP: Get in the habit of saving your game before entering new places. If things don't woi1( out—you get beat up, die or just pick the wrong attitude in your conversation and no one will help you — you can restart from just outside.

  • TIP: You'll find some helpful stuff in Chen Lu's apartment. Pay close attention to the Meanwhile Scenes. You'd hate to go to jail on a charge of breaking and entering.

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One of the most controversial games to hit the Sega CD system has finally arrived. Rise of the Dragon, a cyberpunk RPG from Dynamix, is coming to the shelves, emblazoned with an MA-17 rating. While the game features little actual gore or combat, the very adult themes and unrelentingly grim atmosphere in this gritty glimpse of the future keep the game well outside the "fun for the whole family" category.

City Of Fallen Angels

In a dark and dangerous L.A. of the future, William "Blade" Hunter —ex-cop and down-on-his-luck private eye—must follow a twisting, terrifying trail of drug trafficking and murder.

As Blade tracks down the source of a new street drug, he uncovers an ancient curse. Bahumet, a centuries-old Chinese warlord, is on his way back, bringing 3,000 years' worth of baaaaad attitude with him.

Tunnell Vision

Heavy stuff, especially from the designer who created the weird, wiseass world of Willy Beamish. Jeff Tunnell's Rise of the Dragon is a very adult adventure, populated with scheming politicians, world-weary heroes, and questionable allies.

The story that unfolds (or, more precisely; stories that unfold, since the plot can twist like a serpent toward different endings) puts a dark coat of ugly paint on the future. Life is cheap. Honor is a luxury Death is the easy way out.

Talk Ain't Cheap

Your job is to prowl the mean streets of the future, talking to everyone you meet, piecing together the clues, and stopping the rise of the Dragon. Knowledge and cunning are your two most important weapons.

Conversation is a critical batde tactic. Everyone you talk to may put you onto a new trail. Conversations change constancy, according to what you already know, how you treat people, what objects you've gathered, and what transpired out there in the city while you were sitting in some bar yakking.

Sorting out this macabre mystery can be so complex that Dynamix is offering a separate hint book and 900-number hint line to help all the frustrated futuristic gumshoes who find themselves following dead-end leads down dark alleys.

Rise And Shine

Technically, Rise of the Dragon is markedly superior to Dynamix's first Sega CD RPG, The Adventures of Willy Beamish. The scenes load quickly and the action moves along at a quick pace. The numerous voice actors do a fine job of engaging the audience and unfolding the plot. The artists have also made good use of the Sega CD color palette, skillfully portraying Tunnell's dark and menacing view of the future.

The game also features a couple of nice side-scrolling arcade sequences, but don't expect to work up any serious thumb sweat beating these mini-bosses. The combat is just a nice diversion.

This is a game for people who wage battle with their brains.

Best Features:

Multiple Plot Branches

Every decision you make will take you to different events and endings. Think things through and save the game before you do something rash.

Graphic Adventure Format

Rise of the Dragon unfolds in a crisp, scary, graphic novel format, using animated comic book panels and point-of-view perspective.

Hot Hints


  1. Don't snoop around Chen Lu's apartment the first time you go there or you'll get busted. Crab his ID from the VidPhone and come back later.
  2. The guard at the Pleasure Drome is really a devoted family man. Honest. Give him a little treat for the old lady and you might get your gun back.
  3. If you make a date with Karyn, don't stand her up. And don't pick up strange women either. Try to be a sensitive guy for once, OK Blade?
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember that next time you talk to the Jake.
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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Rise of the Dragon supports single modeSingle game mode

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